Congratulations to the following 3v3 Academy teams that competed in Kick-It's 3v3 World Championships on Jan. 14-16th, 2012

96F - 3v3 Academy Manchester United - 4th Place Gold
05M-EID 3v3 Academy Manchester United - 7th Place EID
00F-EID 3v3 Academy Sole Sisters- 13th Place EID
05M 3v3 Academy Skateboard Dolphins - 5th Place Gold
02M 3v3 Academy Manchester United - 9th Place Silver

Congratulations to the following Charlotte area teams that competed in Kick-It's 3v3 World Championships on Jan. 14-16th, 2012

04F-EID England Red - 7th Place EID
02F-EID MUW 3v3 - 9th Place EID
00F-EID Drama Queens - 13th Place EID
99F-EID Gravediggers - 2nd Place EID
03M-EID MUW3v3 - 5th Place EID
02M-EID Chelsea - 5th Place EID
02M-EID France - 13th Place EID
00M - EID Statesville Crew - 1st Place EID
02F - Hot Tamales - 5th Place Silver
03F - MUW 3v3 1 - 2nd Place Gold
01F - Zombie Girls - 2nd Place Gold
01F - Badditudes - 4th Place Gold
00F - CSA Adrenaline - 5th Place Silver
05M - ICF Golden Eagles - 3rd Place Gold
05M - Little Crew - 3rd Place Silver
04M - MUW 3v3 Wolves - 2nd Place Gold
02M - Carolina Galaxy - 9th Place Gold
01M - Calvary United - 1st Place Gold

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Tournament Success
Jan. 7th, 2011 3v3 World Tournament in Columbia,SC Results:

06 Male-1st Place
05 Male-2nd Place
03 Female - 2nd Place
02 Male-3rd Place

3v3 World Tournament in Mooresville, NC Results:

05 Male-1st Place
02 Male-1st Place
02 Male-2nd Place
02 Male-3rd Place
02 Female-2nd Place
96 Female-3rd Place

Dec. 3rd, 2011 Kick-It Local 3v3 Tournament in Matthews, NC Results:

05 Boys-2nd Place
04 Boys-3rd Place
02 Boys-2nd Place
00 Girls-2nd Place

July 30-31, 2011 Kick-It Regional 3v3 Tournament in Rock Hill, SC Results:

Gold Division:
00 Girls- 1st Place
05 Boys- 2nd Place
96 Girls- 3rd Place

Silver Division:
03 Boys Red- 1st Place
02 Boys- 1st Place
03 Boys- 3rd Place
04 Boys- 3rd Place
99 Boys Black- 3rd Place
99 Girls- 3rd Place
July 9-10, 2011 Kick-It 3v3 Tournament in Statesville, NC Results:

U-9 Boys-3rd Place- Silver Division
U-10 Boys-2nd Place
U-11 Girls- 2nd Place
U-15 Girls- 3rd Place

July 9th, 2011 3v3 World Tour Tournament in Lexington, SC Results:

U-10 Boys Red-3rd Place

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