Frankel-Howard Foundation
The Foundation was created in memory of my mother, Terry Lynn Frankel and Thelma Christeen Howard, my wife's grandmother. Both women lost their lives in 2008 and thoroughly enjoyed watching their grandchildren and great grandchildren play soccer. Terry lost her four year battle with Ovarian Cancer and Thelma Howard died of natural causes.

Currently, the Foundation funds, facilitates and supports local and now international soccer programs for children, as a way of promoting the sport. With the Foundation's assistance, other grandparents and great grandparents are being given the opportunity to enjoy watching their grandchildren play soccer.

The Frankel Howard Foundation's ultimate goal will be to to build a rehabilitation center for Cancer patients, like my Mother, that can not handle conventional rehabilitation after surgery to remove their cancer. Currently, patients are sent to a nursing/rehabilitation center regardless of their age if they are not strong enough to handle the standard rehabilitation regiment. This forces people in the 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's to live with and be surrounded by seniors in their late 80's and 90's, who's quality of life has greatly deteriorated. This environment is not the positive, uplifting place that you want a love one living in when trying to regain strength and recover. It is the Foundation's goal to create a postive, supportive rehab center for future generations.

Until that day comes, the Foundation hopes to put smiles on the faces of many children along the way.


David Frankel