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Are You Ready for Some Competition???
Each Summer and Winter there are a variety of 3v3 format tournaments available for teams to compete in. The 3V3 Academy has put together championship caliber teams each year and been very competitive in the major 3v3 tournament circuits. Check out some of our success here.

The 3V3 Academy exists strictly for the development of individual soccer skills for your children. Those wishing to be competitive, have that opportunity with teams arranged through the Academy (up to 6 children on a team), but teams are managed and maintained by parent volunteers once the children are matched up.

1. Uniforms — Competition team jerseys cost $30 each, and your child will need one Carolina blue and one grey jersey. These can be ordered from our Spirit Store.

2. Tournament Fees—Tournament fees are usually between $150 and $180 per team (divided among the players), but can be more for Regional and National tournaments.

3. Travel Expenses—You generally will not incur many travel related expenses beyond fuel, although regional and National tournaments may include some hotel expenses.

4. Spirit Wear—Although completely optional, the entire family can support the team by sporting the latest in 3V3 Academy fashions. Items can be ordered from our Spirit Store.

Associated Costs
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Teams will be coached by a parent volunteer and practice one-two additional days a week with their coach. Teams will also participate in 3v3 tournaments on the weekends. Most tournaments are Saturday only and some are both Saturday and Sunday. Depending on the team's level of commitment, some teams will stay in Charlotte, others will travel.

New teams will struggle to find success and be competitive. This version of soccer takes time to master. 3V3 Academy teams that are successful have children that have been doing this a while and are on teams that have played together for multiple years. You can see some of the teams success on our Tournament Success page.

If you are interested in coaching a competitive team, please click here to complete an application.